Therapies & Retreat Packages

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Retreat packages

When you book a Retreat Package at The Haven, you may choose to stay for a day, or for much longer, and you can choose to book just for yourself, or for a small group. Retreats may be taken with or without therapies for as long as your wish to stay but shorter packages can be arranged. It may also be possible to introduce you to external therapists where an alternative therapy is required. Please enquire further for availability and costings.

Spa breaks

Spa breaks can be taken as ‘time out’ for busy people who would like a break away with relaxing and renewing therapies. Currently these provide the guest with a night in The Suite, a Jacuzzi bath with Epsom salts, facial treatment and therapeutic treatment to follow. The treatments can be changed for different preferences.

Fee: The cost for a one night short spa break with treatments, staying in The Suite, including  breakfast is £160.00.

Soul Code Readings

These are esoteric readings taken from the vibrations incarnated with and tell of the souls’ aspiration at a deeply personal and holistic level.

Non-surgical Face Enhancement with Therapeutic Touch

A deeply relaxing treatment which acts in a similar way to reflexology but on the head and face. The skin and muscles are worked to bring a vibrant and relaxed appearance and acts independently for a single treatment or several ongoing sessions to tone the facial muscles.You will receive Healing during the session, and from this holistic treatment.

Counselling & Meditation

Counselling and meditation techniques.

Crystal attunement, healing and guided meditation.


Sara O'Dowd

Sara is the proprietor of The Haven and has been a working therapist for many years, working with adults and children in many environments, establishments and alternative venues. All therapies listed will be with Sara.

 Please contact Sara for more information...