Avebury: the Local Area

Avebury is like a magical playground with sacred sites, beautiful walks, history so far back the dates never agree and views to delight. Visitors come to walk, paint, run, dowse, picnic, cycle, explore, search the mystical path, visit crop circles, the white chalk hill horses and much more besides.

View from the Haven's rear garden

All  Saints Church at Avebury

All Saints Church

Ancient tree at Avebury

1,700 year old tree

Haven at sunset

Haven at sunsest

Wiltshire chalk horse

White chalk horse at Cherhill

Red Lion

The Red Lion

Enjoy a meal at the Red Lion Inn at Avebury, the only inn in the world that is located inside a prehistoric stone circle. With views over the surrounding megalithic standing stones while you enjoy lunch! There is a small car park, or you can park in the national trust car park, handy if you are a member. Avebury dates back between 4000 and 2400BC. 

 The building dates back to the early 1600s, and were a farmhouse until 1802, when it acquired a license and became a coaching inn. Several ghosts are said to reside both within and without the ancient property, along with stories of the well inside the Red Lion.

Avebury High Street

Avebury High Street

The top end of the pretty High Street in Avebury, showing the sides of the Henge Shop and the local village shop.  The field on the right hand side forms part of the "Henge Inner Circle" of the Avebury Stones. At the end of the High Street is a small post office, followed by the Red Lion Public House.

  • The Haven is within walking distance to the majority of the major sites; one mile to the main Henge, church, Red Lion pub and High Street and, from there, West Kennett long barrow is approximately another miles walk; passing Silbury Hill on the way.
  • The High Street has a crystal and tourist shop, a local community shop which stocks numerous food items and other essentials.
  • National Trust logo
The National Trust has houses museums, a café and a shop.
  • Walking: Ancient walks are numerous., and the Adam and Eve longstones can be seen from The Haven garden and rooms, and can be approached via the lane and field.
  • The Ridgeway is a miles walk from the Henge and Windmill Hill is approximately one mile from The Haven, with the The Waggon and Horses pub at Beckhampton under a mile away too.
  • Other local sites to visit include The Sanctuary and Swallowhead Springs; not to mention numerous long barrows, castles, Pewsey Vale and Adams Grave.
  • Many festivals take place in Avebury during the year, celebrating the equinox, solstice and all important turns of the solar and calendar year.
  • All spiritual traditions and beliefs make Avebury a haven for alternative, colourful life and the Henge is frequently used to celebrate a hand fasting or annual festivity.
  • A number of discounts are available on local facilities for guests staying at The Haven - ask Sara for details.
Waggon and Horses

The Waggon & Horses

The Waggon and Horses is a quintessential and traditional thatched pub, built in 1669 with the foundation stones made of sarsen stone, which the locals believe to be from the Avebury stones.

Legend has it that the Waggon and Horses has two resident ghosts one of which is believed to be that of a previously landlady, in traditional white attire people have claimed to see her standing on the drinkers side of the bar although she is very harmless, the other is a Victorian Gent who stands at the fireplace, smoking a pipe with a little dog asleep beside him, people also claim that they have smelt the aroma of a pipe burning!

View from Windmill Hill

Walk to Windmill Hill

If you are looking for a fantastic country walk, Windmill Hill is believed to have been the area of the Neolithic dwelling site and is only a mile's walk from The Haven. Many artifacts taken can be found in museums in Avebury and Devizes.